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The Big OneThe Big One 07/28/2014 at 15:140 Comments

Thanks to Joshua Thompson, there are now 3D printer source files for Stubby's frame!  You can download the files for yourself, and try your hand at printing them.  Feel free to contact him with questions or comments.  You can download the source STL files from my website (note: see Edit at the bottom for additional information).

Some examples of the 3D models are below.

Note that I do not have access to a 3D printer, and in fact have never even used one, so I have no idea what the procedure is for printing these... if some rich benefactor would like to send one my way, I promise to make good use of it and could write all sorts of details on how to print this stuff! ;-)

Edit: Another hacker (Ellison) has just emailed me, indicating that the holes on the servo layer do not line up properly in the above version, and has provided an updated file which corrects this issue.  Not having a 3D printer, I can't say for sure which is the correct version, so I have hosted both files for the time being.  If someone else tries out this new version, please let me know the outcome.  See for details on the change.  The updated file is inside the file, and is called "Servo layer - Alternate.stl".