Third party build now working!

A project log for Stubby the (Teaching) Hexapod

100% open source robot platform with accessability and affordability in mind: teaching children of all ages about robots & programming

The Big OneThe Big One 09/24/2014 at 21:120 Comments

Petr H. has just finished his beautiful plexiglass Stubby build (at least enough to get it walking around).  There is still a lot of cleanup and stuff to do, but everything seems to be working.  To my knowledge, he is the first person to have completed their own version of Stubby (if someone else has completed their own version, I would love to hear about it).

He is controlling it with a Universal Controller, using two Bluetooth modules instead of XBees (a very good idea, as it keeps the cost down and allows for computer control without switching hardware).

His latest pictures are below, and he will hopefully be sharing a video in the not too distant future: