A project log for SPI Flasher

Got a Raspberry Pi ? A few more bucks turn it into a networked SPI Flash chip reader/writer

yann-guidon-ygdesYann Guidon / YGDES 04/15/2016 at 17:240 Comments

I submitted this project to the Hackaday Prize 2016 because I welcome incentives to turn it into a full spin-off of the #YASEP Yet Another Small Embedded Processor project. Now I see it is tangled in a web of co-dependencies with other subprojects and co-projects such as #Raspbian Squeezed.

What works ?

At home, it works great on a Raspberry Pi model B, using an obsolete version of the YASEP web interface, based on the the old #YGWM Whygee's JavaScript Window Manager system. The flashing algorithm is great (better than my commercial chinese flasher) and the source code is available from the main project base (see links on the project page)

What is missing ?

You know the saying, if it ain't broken, don't fix it ? Well it works for me so why work further ?

The problems however are piling up and might break the whole thing one day or another.

So for a winning entry in the HaD contest, I can't submit the project as it was intended, I must reduce the ambitions. But I've already gone pretty far since the beginning of this project :-)

Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to provide a pre-configured image to flash on your SD card with instant boot to the desired functionality. But this looks more and more like shooting many moving targets at the same time. I can adapt things here and there, YGWM is a project that I fully control and will develop, but I am growing tired of having to play catch with the Pi Foundation's whims.

Of course the solution would be to have a working #YASEP Yet Another Small Embedded Processor but I must bootstrap the whole platform somehow, somewhere.