2.0 - A bit of modeling.

A project log for Portable Pi2 Thermal Imager with Overlay

A portable thermal imager with PiCam overlay using a FLIR Lepton on a Raspberry Pi2, Official Raspberry screen, and some other parts.

Matthew NavarroMatthew Navarro 09/25/2015 at 00:140 Comments

Today I had a few spare hours to start modeling the Pi Screen, USB battery, and the start of the case. Lots of measuring and re-measuring later and I have this:

(credit goes to jayftee on thingiverse for his Pi2 model)

When I finished modeling the Pi Screen I began modeling the case:

This is a very early version, I still need to add handles, a stand with the capability of securely holding a usb battery, and a good way to mount both cameras safely as well as close enough that the ribbon and cables will reach.

Stay tuned for more in the near future!