Main Controller Software Update

A project log for IoT Matrix Word Clock

The creation of a web connected clock that uses a character matrix (words) to display time.

mikeneiderhausermikeneiderhauser 11/25/2015 at 14:310 Comments

I am very close to finishing the main controller software. I had some issues with the Particle Cloud IDE and decided to move everything local. I did end up using the Particle Dev atom IDE provided on their website. This IDE uploads and compiles the code in the cloud and downloads a complete binary file that I can flash to the photon with dfu-utils. I could not get the photon android app to work to connect to WiFi so I used various particle CLI tools to do the job. After a bit of messing with the tools I had my work flow going for me. I am using the SparkTime lib (for NTP) and the SparkIntervalTimer lib (for timed tasks) to aid in various tasks in the controller code. I need to do a bit more polishing of the firmware code but it will eventually make its way to the github repo.

In the firmware, I used the Particle Cloud to aid in configuration options such as:

as well as displaying the current configuration of the device. The only thing this does not handle is connection to WiFi.

All of this was done with a local HTML file with some JavaScript and AJAX functions. This will also make its way to the github repo.