The Dirty Work is Done

A project log for Quantifying the Cube

Putting a high-score meter on a local work of art to create higher levels of interactivity and community involvement

Keenan ReberaKeenan Rebera 10/30/2015 at 12:090 Comments

Managed to find screws for the mounting magnets and secured them diagonally on the back of the box. The soldering job took a long time and required a hearty amount of heat shrink tubing but it's up and running. It's brilliant just to look at it running all by itself, enclosed in its little box. Very cool.

Two problems:

1) The 'H' character (position[0][0] on the lcd) fades in and out sporadically

2) The high score function displays nothing but 0.00. I do not know if this is because at one point I accidentally connected 9V to my voltage divider circuit and actually blew the accelerometer, or if my code is just being odd. I'll start off with some basic tests tonight and move on from there.