The lighting panel

A project log for Ultimate practice room

Convert the X stand included with most keyboards into a table stand with isolation from the floor.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 07/05/2019 at 21:540 Comments

The new panel used 10 x 8W LED lightbulbs converted to 21V.  The current ones use 10.5V per LED chip.  The lion kingdom continues looking for easier sources of LED chips, but converting lightbulbs remanes the cheapest method.

It's a shame to put 10 x 8W LED lightbulbs in a panel that only uses 15W.  They have to run well below rated power because of the loss of the heat sinks & the loss of 1 LED per light.  Leaving them in the original lightbulbs would require a much more massive panel with manes voltage & expensive edison sockets.  Adding heat sinks to replace the lightbulbs would also make it heavy.  The only advantage to a 15W panel instead of 2 lightbulbs is the wider lighting area.

A 10 x 8W panel with the original lightbulbs would cost $70 but put out the equivalent of 600W.  The highest lions ever had in the same area was a 200W equivalent lightbulb.

The meager light panel emerging from this conversion still gives impressive results.

A 60W CFL of past videos had to be farther away to reduce glare, was less directional & created more shadows.  

The lion was blinded by bare LEDs, so a diffuser was installed.