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BASIC interpreter for the Arduino. Inspired by the Woz's Integer BASIC.

Bob BurnsBob Burns 10/18/2015 at 13:100 Comments

Today and probably the rest of the week I'm going to start working on the for next routine. I'm going to model it after Gates/Woz stack method of pushing the counter and start pointers on a stack, and popping them off every time a loop is done.

My plan of attack is going to be:

Get the next variable address and push it on the stack. (for a = 1 to 10 step 1. would be address of a)

Get beginning value (1) and assign it to variable

Get ending value (10) and push on to stack

Get step value (1) and push. if no step assume 1?

Get address of loop start and push.

Update stack pointer.

So every block is 8 bytes

00 01 varL varH

02 03 endL endH

04 05 stepL stepH

06 07 nxtL nxtH

when a next token is encountered

pop and store in registers: next address, step val, end val, var ptr.

add step val to var and compare.

if equal of higher branch out. update stack pointer

if lower push everything back (or just update pointer) and branch to beginning.

I need to handle negative case (for a= 10 to 0 step -1). Maybe a test for negative on step value switches the compare.

Ok, time to go to my day job (I'm a cook for the UCSC dining halls ;) )