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A project log for Bentendo 6004

An Intel 8085-based computer

Bentendo64Bentendo64 02/09/2015 at 01:560 Comments

It's been a while since I posted anything or updated this project. But alas, it is still alive. What I have done since making this page is

  1. "Finished" the motherboard
  2. Have gotten about half way done soldering the 8k SRAM board

"Finished" is in quotes because I'm still on the fence about bank switching some memory and that would require soldering more wires on the main bus. Also, I made a slight mess up where the jumper for pin 39, the HOLD pin, is soldered to 5V, not ground. That just means when I start it up, the cpu just stares at me with the data bus in tri-state.

But anyway, here's some pictures and a video of it running nops. I have a 4 MHz crystal in there right now so it's running at 2 MHz, not 3. I don't have any 6MHz crystals.

Here's the bottom of the board:

And here's the naked top:

Here's what I have for the SRAM board so far:

Only 10 more wires to go! (times 17 solder joints).

I guess I could have made that a GIF. Or re-recorded it (I recorded this over 6 months ago).

Anyhow, I'm planning on purchasing a Ramtrom FM-1808 at some point soon for a quick and easy way to get some code running. I should have the SRAM board done within the next week, hopefully.