The Target Side

A project log for Ma'Tok Staff

Stargate staff weapon, Sodan version of the Ma'Tok staff

frankstripodfrankstripod 05/09/2014 at 15:090 Comments

This was the most important part for me because I wanted a variety of target options. This is what I had to work with and this is what is does:

1. The ancient Vivitar flash slave is only triggered by a flash from a camera (or staff flash in this case) by duration and color temperature. It is attached to another camera flash and that fires at the same exact time (looks like the speed of light).

2. My breadboard relay circuit: A photoresistor sees the second target side flash (Flash must face circuit) and trips a relay to always on (needed to add a resistor I had laying around) which activates an actuator (I Hacked another CD/DVD player as an actuator again). The "wish they were a spring" rubber bands control throw length and pressure.

R.I.P. ...

Resurrection... It's alive!

3. The second relay (from right to left) reverses that stupid end of CD tray momentary switch that turns “on” at the end of an eject.

4. Third relay cuts power to the first. Adjusting the tension also adjusts total on time from about one half to one full second (depending on battery strength also).

5. Optional fourth relay isolates ignitor for targets with pyrotechnics. Almost one second gets about three to four good sparks.

Here it is in my completed target sensor “project box”:

1. The pencil acts like a finger.

2. The keyboard acts like a Teensy USB Microcontroller.

3. The optional outdoor motion detector acts as a AC controller.

4. A LinkSys router did not die in vain but provided a much needed power supply.

5. The camera flash faces the photoresistor and sits in a cut out so that the flash slave sensor faces outside the “project box.”

The result is a wide variety of remote target options. All of the targets [kmancreeper412] and I explored were loads of fun. I wish they were better documented with my wife's cheesy 15fps digital camera.

Note: Each remote target will have it's own project log!