Remote Target #2: Staff Flashes Lampshade

A project log for Ma'Tok Staff

Stargate staff weapon, Sodan version of the Ma'Tok staff

frankstripodfrankstripod 05/09/2014 at 16:210 Comments

Firing the staff at the lampshade triggers the slave and flash hidden inside the lampshade.

This one is really hard to see because both flashes operate at the same exact time. I know this one looks lame, but I know there is a special effect video hack here somewhere in the future.

(Some trick shots by [kmancreeper] himself; hip shot, shoulder shot, and behind the head shot.)

I was hoping to expand on this idea by projecting a silhouette on a curtain, or projecting the flash through a 35mm slide. Those might be crazy ideas because it happens so fast, only a camera could catch it. If a friend happened to take a picture of that happening, they wouldn't see the image until later on the camera.

No circuit in this one. I just took the slave mounted on the flash and clamped it under the lampshade.

Since the poor video quality doesn't do the staff justice, here are some still frames to emphasize the live effect.

It was too bright and brief to look at live, but makes for a nice glow inside the staff and the lamp looks like its having a meltdown in this frame.