LED lanterns

A project log for 30W (=~240W halogen) LED balcony solar lanterns

summer is on its way and my balcony needs light to be summer-night party-ready

rawerawe 04/30/2014 at 17:210 Comments

The build process of these is quite simple, parts count is at a minimum, assembly is fast and price per lantern is approx 5 Euro.

The LED module (see parts list) needs two modifications:

A yellow Ikea plastic cup was chosen for the first epic lantern of doom™ ever made. A drillpress is nice to make a centered hole in the cup (there is even a pattern that helps to find the center).

Ok, so how does this photo resistor hack perform?

Youtube videos are broken on, right now...Video 1 Video 2

To prevent water from dripping down into the cup, it is necessary to add some hot glue or similar to cover the drilled hole.