Some progress...

A project log for 3DPMRS - 3D Printed Modular Rocket System

Collaborative rocket design.

Mike MalukMike Maluk 05/08/2016 at 00:130 Comments

Finally starting to make some progress. I've gotten the motor housing/fin mount and fins printed. This issue is that all together (along with the lower body tube) I'm sitting at about 12oz. I've read that some have flown rockets around 24oz with the F15 motors from Estes, but I'm hesitant. It's going to be a very slow climb initially, which may require a longer launch rod or some fine tuning of CG/CP. I'm looking at reducing weight as well. Moving to a body tube made for rocketry will save some weight as these shipping tubes are anything but light. I can also switch to ABS over PETG for my 3D printed parts. I love the strength of PETG and it's ability to flex, but that comes at a weight penalty. I'm at 10% infill for the motor housing, I'm not sure going lower will make much of a difference. But, I'm printing in .6mm layers using a .9mm nozzle. Using 2 shells may be unnecessary as well as three solid layers on the top and bottom. How much weight this adds vs strength, I'm unsure. It may be worth it to play around with some settings to see if I can lose an ounce or two there.