Progress... Kinda?

A project log for 3DPMRS - 3D Printed Modular Rocket System

Collaborative rocket design.

Mike MalukMike Maluk 05/25/2016 at 06:510 Comments

I just got my tubes and motors in this week. I'm also about 60% of the way done getting my printer back up and running. Between the new heat bed/platform, hot end and upgrading to the Simplify3D software my print quality should improve quite a bit.

I'm planning on working with the Proto-Pasta CF infused PLA from here on out. From what I've read I'll be able to go with thinner walls while retaining strength. This should assist in a not insignificant change in weight, at least I hope it does.

I'm also working with some AeroTech G80s, which will be a huge improvement over the F15's from Estes I was limited to.

Along with all these other changes, I'm building a new launch setup. With a 6' 80/20 rod, I'll be able to move to launch buttons and have much more time for the rocket to stabilize before it leaves the pad. Coupled with more power (...and better acceleration) and a lighter rocket my weather-cocking issues should be all but gone.