Long Time ... Got more stuff

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I know another Arudino project that probably could have been done a little bit easier by someone a little bit smarter

Anthony.selbyAnthony.selby 11/19/2015 at 17:370 Comments

So I got the new stuff ...

The level converters really, and I changed the button side to a 3.3 V arudino mini pro so I wouldn't have to deal with that any of that in the small box.

I got the Button together and working with the CC1101 everything looks great, the code went together easily and setting the SPI up was easy. The industrino is a little bit harder (atleast for me) I got everything wired in to the level converter but since its a 32u4 instead of a 328p the SPI is a little different and since I have the "cool" din mount thing stuff is slightly less documented then would help my little brain. But I spent all last night reading some forums and looking at the difference in the SPI.h file that I think I can firgure it out ... so that is the goal for today and tomorrow