Trying Arducam Mini!

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Use an ESP8266 for wireless I/R, sensors, and relay control. Emulate Global Cache protocol for compatibility with existing products.

flynnwtflynnwt 06/04/2016 at 14:491 Comment

I was playing with an Arducam ESP8266 UNO board ( with 2MP and 5MP modules and since I now had an extra camera module, I built an ESP8266 board to use one of them. I even went crazy and used SMD resistors, which actually were easy to solder (once you found them after dropping and got them where they needed to be). I'm using a ~6.2V power supply and 3.3V/5V 1117 boards.

This board has status leds on G0 and G2 and uses the same GPIO as the Arducam board for the camera header on the back side. I also added a 3-pin header for a PIR device, which is connected to A0 (with 10K/4.7K divider).

Somehow the wiring is correct first time and the camera is capturing! I'm using the Arducam library and 2MP example right now (modified to use smaller buffer size to avoid TCP data loss).

I still need to try the PIR device to verify analog read is working. I may add a new camera connector type to this library to handle this setup, and allow stuff like capture-to-file, PIR-triggers-capture, etc.

Family portrait (relay bro and serial sis) captured by this guy...


Gary Bales wrote 05/05/2017 at 16:27 point

I am wanting to go to school on this project. Mostly the Arducam part. But where are the instructions for this project. Code? Wiring info?



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