Netbooks with 1GB RAM Have Troubles

A project log for Microcontroller Audio Workshop & HaD Supercon 2015

Paul StoffregenPaul Stoffregen 11/02/2015 at 09:530 Comments

I learned a lot at yesterday's test workshop. One small issue, and the only technical problem that came up yesterday which I couldn't fix, was compatibility with a netbook.

That tiny netbook did work (slowly) for nearly all the workshop examples. But when the extra code in section 2-3 was uncommented, very strange problems came up, where the Arduino IDE couldn't find the code which had been just successfully compiled. I'm pretty sure this is related to a Java memory allocation issue. Some time ago, the Arduino devs increased settings related to Java memory, and it caused many people to report bugs on older computers, so they lowed it. My best guess is those problems all still exist, but only happen on the smallest netbooks or extremely old machines.

We're going to try getting a message out to everyone signed up, hopefully middle of next week, about how to pre-install the software. That message should also warn not to bring networks or ancient machines with 1GB or less memory.