Behind the scenes of the videos

A project log for Circuit Sim with SPICE @ 2015 SuperConference

Learn circuit simulation with LTspice or NGSpice. Enter a schematic, simulate, view the results, and make simulation models.

tom-andersonTom Anderson 11/11/2015 at 07:070 Comments

To prepare for my talk I made videos about my presentation.

For the videos, I used a Heil PR40 microphone with a Zoom H4 as the preamp. I recorded the screen and audio with iShowU and edited in iMovie. I used two VMWare virtual machines, once for Windows 8 and another for Ubuntu 14.04. One benefit of the VM's is that they resize to fit nicely in a screen capture area.

I was surprised that iMovie works well these days. I have Final Cut but the relative simplicity of this editing task made me shy away from the complexity of the Final Cut production flow. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to have two inset pictures at the same time. I did without - this would be complicated in Final Cut, also, and would require using Motion. The rendering times from iMovie were fine. Even at high quality, the rendering time for five minutes of video is only about a minute. The file sizes are about 12MB per minute of video.

You will get to see the mess in the background of my office in the intro. For these 8 second introductions I used a fancy light with a diffuser, and I adjusted the color balance so that I wouldn't look like a blue ghost.