Brew B0y

A dual probe thermometer to aid with the process of home-brewing beer

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I wanted to improve my homebrewing process and one part of the process requiring some attention was the constant monitoring of my beer and boiling temperatures.

I looked around for a thermometer with two probes, all I could find were food thermometer, I needed something better, something waterproof and something that could withstand temps of 90+. I couldn’t find one so I decided to make one!

The brew-boy was born!

With it's two, three meter length probes and the ability to withstand the temps for brewing I could safely and conveniently watch the temps of both my boil and mash tun. The timer, I found out was useless but apart from that I was really happy with the final product :)
  • 1 × LCD Screen nokia 5510
  • 2 × Probes: 3m
  • 1 × Arduino Nano

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