update 6: lack of motivation and delays

A project log for Pix-Watch - stm32l4 based smartwatch

A smartwatch with an cortex m4f at heart. using awesome components and imagination to bring it to life.

8bit-bunny8bit-bunny 05/26/2016 at 11:040 Comments

Ramon here

as you guys might've noticed this project isn't updated that much lately, it's because i can't really find the motivation to continue right now. (don't worry, the project will be finished!)

Atomsoft (who would do the pcb design) hasn't let me know anything about the current state of the design sadly. (it's been over 2 weeks now)

anyhow, in some positiveness:

i got some time to redo a small part of the code, and am planning to redo the inline app API once i get my motivation back.

for now, have a video demonstrating some of the graphical commands, including antialias circles.