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A project log for Cobra 19 DX IV Upgrade

Upgrade of Cobra CB for use in New Zealand and to interface with a car stereo.

David AnnettDavid Annett 11/23/2015 at 07:440 Comments

Now I have someone following the project I guess I should give some more detail.

For this project I have created 4 programs:

The program for the head unit is a modified version of the original software so is copyright of my employer. Therefore I can not make the source available for it. I may be able to make a binary available.

The rest of the software is my own work so I can make the source available under some open source licence.

The AVR code started life as an Arduino project but I find the IDE painful and the sharing of code between project is not ideal. I moved the project to a more conventional AVR/GCC/Eclipse project but it is still using some of the Arduino libraries.

Because I based the CB interface on the Yaesu FT857 CAT interface I was able to use an USB to mini-DIN 8 cable designed for that radio for testing with a PC. The QT PC programs allowed me to get the bugs out of the protocol and also gives me simple remote control for the CB from a PC should I want.

All of the software is functional complete and reasonably bug free except the head unit code which has the main features working but still needs refining and debugging.