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USB Type C has up to 100W of charging capability, perfect for a multicell charger

Chris HamiltonChris Hamilton 04/25/2018 at 03:560 Comments

The JST XH, which is a battery pack standard, is just so huge.  I am pondering/researching any other solution.  I would love to move it as close as possible to the XT 30s, but it going to be a huge amount of board space. 

The Tag-connect SWD is also a bit problematic.  In theory the CCG2 should always be programmable by the CC line, but I don't want to require a Cypress board to do firmware updates. 

At the same time, I don't think the hobby world would be happy with such a pricey (but great) connector.  I am guessing that I'll switch to the cortex 1.27mm 10 pin, which is actually bigger.  The board really only needs 5 pins for SWD and there are some amazing 1.0mm spaced connectors out there....  But that wouldn't be any standard.

I have a long flight coming up, so I'll try to make some decisions and make some progress.