Mooltipass Mini in the Works!

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Mathieu StephanMathieu Stephan 01/31/2016 at 17:380 Comments

Hello everyone,

The Mooltipass team and I would like to wish you all a (late) happy New Year and hope that you are doing well.

Following the success of the Mooltipass device, we are extremely happy to report that a Mooltipass Mini is currently being designed.

Like its name suggests, this Mooltipass will basically be a smaller version of our current Mooltipass with noticeable differences:

- a small joystick based input interface instead of our current tactile one.

- a 2" 128x32 pixels OLED screen instead of our current 3.12" 256x64 pixels one

- (hopefully) a wheel encoder on the device's side to quickly browse through the credentials

The Mooltipass Mini will be less than half the size of our current Mooltipass for less than half its price.

In a month or two, we'll therefore be looking for beta testers. Feel free to invite your friends and family to our google group to stay informed.

In the meantime, please feel free to use this thread to give us suggestions on what you'd like to see in this small Mooltipass.

Cheers and have a nice weekend!