Wireless RGB LED lamp

WiFi connected LED lamp with ambient sensors

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Built for my son the lamp is based on a strip of 50 WS8212 and a RPi Model A.
The LEDs color and sequence are highly customizable by software.
It connects to the WiFi network allowing to control it via any web browser, this includes mobile phones obviously.
It also provides temperature, humidity and pressure readings.

Using a Postal tube as container and structure build a lamp with RGB LEDs wireless remote control.

The lamp also contains temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors.

The first remote control approach was using an Android app, then I switched to a simple web served using Ruby Sinatra.

It is highly customizable as the LED Strips pattern is controller entirely using software. The main idea was to use it as a entertainment for my kid so I kept the remote simple, random colours and moving lights in addition to fixed blue and warm white.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Model A
  • 1 × LED strip WS2812B 30LED/m ~5m
  • 1 × 74AHCT125 Logic ICs / Buffers, Drivers, Transceivers
  • 1 × DHT022 Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • 1 × BMP085 Sensors / Barometers

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