Obtaining last peripherals.

A project log for RPi Bittorrent Sync Server

RPi 2 + 2 TB HDD + Bittorrent Sync = Secure server accessible from anywhere

XavierXavier 12/13/2015 at 18:430 Comments

Been a while since I last updated this log. My bad on inactivity.

I finally got an external drive as an early Christmas present, it's capacity is 2 TB. I've moved some files here and there with it and it seems to work fine. It's a Seagate One Click backup drive that I have re-purposed as a regular external hard drive.

Link here:

I also just ordered the last peripheral I need for this project before I can finally begin working, which is a wired keyboard which I should be getting this Friday according to the Amazon site.

Link here:

Once I have my keyboard I should start posting more often on the status of the project and what has and has not been accomplished.