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A project log for rhombus

An open-source minimalist 68020 based single board computer

jason-westerveltJason Westervelt 12/26/2015 at 05:040 Comments

I managed to fix the input issue...

The device table includes the device name, such as "CON_IN" and "CON_OUT" for console input/output. When matching was being performed, I foolishly was matching on 8 characters and padding shorter names with spaces. I inadvertently placed a single space after each name, giving "CON_IN " a length of 7 which was causing it to fail during the device lookup. Ooops. I'll be moving these to null-terminated strings in the future.

Things will pick up in pace a bit once I get the functionality from the old monitor into the rewrite. I'll keep the old monitor around since it is pretty simple and easy for a "novice" to understand. The whole purpose of this project is to trailblaze so newcomers can have a shot at doing something which may seem quite intimidating at first.