Started off with which display would work the best in in a vehicle environment which needed to be a serial display. Searching the net I found the best option for me at The OLED display works with very low and very high temps, much better than LCD units. I then took 4 days straight to learn how to code the splash screen display seen here. 

My co-worker Doug is very smart with code and explained very well to me what I need to do and ways to write it. After capturing and displaying the main data I wanted to view which was Gear position and automatic/manual mode, I am now working on viewing other info such as MPH and Throttle position. 

Once I figure out how to only display the values I want and exclude the other characters that pass into the display when the controller changes gear then I will hopefully be successful with attaching the other serial outputs from my other controllers to the Arduino to read other useful vehicle info which helps with tuning the car.