Custom IR Remote demodulator for Arduino Due

IR Receiver or Demodulator module made using photo-transistor BPW 77NB and standard NPN amplifier transistor PN2222A working on Arduino Due

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My IR receiver module from Banggood bangged after first run - it just ceased working. The next will come a month later and the show must go on.....
So thought of trying temporary custom built IR Receiver/Demodulator circuit using available photo-transistor BPW 77NB and standard NPN amplifier transistor PN2222A. And to my surprise it worked :)
In this quick project I will demonstrate the demodulator circuit, installing IR Library for Arduino Due, loading sketch for switching LEDs ON/OFF using KEYS remote control and custom built IR receiver.

Video is available on youtube here--

Currently range is only around 12-15 inches, would like to extend its working range...any suggestions or ideas are most welcomed.

  • 1 × Phototransistor BPW 77NB
  • 1 × Transistor amplifier PN2222A
  • 1 × Resistors 4.7 and 2.2 kOhm
  • 1 × LED LEDs
  • 1 × Arduino due Arduino due board

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