double fail

A project log for 384:LED

Mini (1.44'' x 0.94'' or 24mm x 37mm) 8X16 RGB LED Array. 128 RGB LEDs with three LED chip each gives 384.

AlexAlex 03/17/2016 at 22:490 Comments

The PCBs did arrived today. But there are two errors in my design, which I should have noticed. First the footprint of the p-fets is wrong. SOT23-6 is much bigger than TSOP6. This error could be fixed by getting other p-fets, but the second error is wore.

Double checking footprints of cheap Chinese LEDs seemed to be not enough. After some frustrating soldering I did noticed that I did used the wrong footprint for the LEDs. Some how I did make them to big. So it is very difficult to solder all four pads with contact.

So how will it go on? I will redesign the PCB. Mostly I will just change the LEDs footprint I think. and I will get right p-fets. In this way I need only new LED PCBs.