Complete solar power station in-a-box

All the inverter, MPPT, storage, and integration hardware needed to produce off-grid power in one unit. All quick-connect / quick-disconnect

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When you look at the cost of solar in the USA the design, labor, and permitting costs exceed the components themselves. Sometimes 2 or 3 fold.

By creating a standard "module" of solar equipment these costs can be dramatically reduced. Instead of an engineer custom designing a system with a bill of materials, an electrician working many hours at a customer's location, and an inspector making sure everything was done correctly a system could simply be unloaded from a truck and plugged in. Standardization and mass-production worked for cars, computers, home appliances, and everything else we use. Why not for solar?

  • 1 × Outback Radian GS8048A Not recommended - terrible company, poor quality control, awful customer service. But it's a great product when it works. The next version will use Schneider electric inverters
  • 3 × Outback FlexMax FM80 MPPT 80 Amps, 12v-60v, programable, adjustable, and networked
  • 48 × LiFePO4 100ah Batteries Total of 48v and 300AH. Around 15kwh
  • 1 × Outback HUB10
  • 1 × Mate 3 Central control panel

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alpdeon wrote 04/12/2023 at 11:58 point

The BoxPower MiniBox is a complete portable power station in a container. Our solar power box solutions present a clean alternative to diesel generators.

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