2 Months Of Use

A project log for Family Sync & Home Control Panel

Wall mounted touchscreen to keep family in sync, and home automation control panel.

mark-kuhlmannMark Kuhlmann 03/16/2016 at 12:460 Comments

I'm happy to report that the system has worked really well over the last couple of months. My wife has really taken to using the scheduling and really loves the weather display on the way out the door. As predicted the built in wifi ended up being too spotty for any streaming. I purchased an TP-Link Archer T1U nano wifi usb dongle and that works perfectly. We can now stream movies and watch the news online without any issues. It really helps to have some children's videos playing while making dinner. I'm still using Homegenie but have began the process of switching over to Home-Assistant. Home-Assistant works with the components I want to work with and is a bit easier to get up and running then OpenHAB. I don't mind the challenge of OpenHAB but I just do not have the time to commit to it at this point in time.