Status Update

A project log for Visual Robotics Platform

A low-cost STM32 board with motor controllers created along with visual programming and control software for use in education.

Joshua GraumanJoshua Grauman 04/20/2018 at 18:130 Comments

The current status of the Visual Robotics Platform is that the Visual Programming and Control Software are stable and working well. I have the 4th revision of the board back from the board house, and have the components, but need to solder and then test the boards. I need to do a lot of work in documenting the whole build process, commenting and releasing source code, and cleaning up and releasing schematics. I'm also considering what type of (Open Source) licenses to choose. I also got laser cut acrylic color printed with labels for the pins to make a case for 4th revision of the board. 

Also, I've used the board and software to create a fully functioning robot with an arm and claw, with a stepper motor with attached distance sensor, optical sensors for line-following, color sensor, two servos to move a camera, four DC motors for movement and the arm/claw, quadrature encoders for PID control of arm/claw, and bluetooth. All of the sensors and motors can be programmed and controlled via the created visual software.