What is a Robot?

A project log for NukeBot

Autonomous robot that scans floors for radioactive contamination, saves the data, and then dumps it to a smartphone via BLE.

kaikai 07/24/2017 at 01:510 Comments

To me (and all of popular culture: think Rosie on the Jetsons or Bender on Futurama), robots are autonomous. Robots function in the normal environment, without requiring any special adaptations to the environment. They move freely and are not bolted to a work station. Robots should perform a useful task.

By that definition, there are very few robots around today. I think robots are now on the threshold of becoming much closer to what popular culture has been describing for half a century and what technology has largely failed to deliver.

NukeBot fits this definition of a robot. It moves around an area to be scanned for radiation and performs these scans autonomously.