The Big Picture

A project log for NukeBot

Autonomous robot that scans floors for radioactive contamination, saves the data, and then dumps it to a smartphone via BLE.

kaikai 07/24/2017 at 02:290 Comments

NukeBot is a demonstration project of our vision of future autonomous robot development:

1) Mobile computing, including mobile robots, will be done on mobile computing devices (i.e. smartphones). This is an inexpensive and fast way of incorporating advanced functionality (GPS, computer vision, speech recognition etc.) into the robot.

2) Standard equipment (e.g. Roomba, Geiger tubes) will be used to move the robot and sense and manipulate its surroundings.

3) Simple tools (e.g. BotSpine, Espruino) will be used to connect the mobile computing device to the sensors and effectors.

All 3 of the above will become commodities. Robot design then becomes a simple process of: 

1) Select your mobile device and decide on the functionality it needs.

2) Select your sensors and moving parts.

3) Select your connector.

4) Write a few lines of code.

...and you are done.