68040 has arrived

A project log for 68040 upgrade for Powerbook 520c

Unsoldering and resoldering a 180-pin QFP! Thrills! Excitement! A full 68040 in a Powerbook 520c!

hackadayhackaday 01/26/2016 at 03:360 Comments

The MC68040FE33V arrived today from China. It doesn't look like a pull, but the pins look kinda corroded. I'll have to research how this can, if at all, be cleaned up. Certainly not by rubbing the pins. Speaking of pins, they are somewhat bent. In the crappy close-ups through the jewelers loupe, I've done a cursory straightening of the pins with my fine SMT tweezers.

I will probably have to accept less than 100% perfection on the pins and do some final tweaking once the first four or so pins have been soldered on and the chip is somewhat anchored to the board.

As removed from the cardboard it was taped to:

Fixed up a little: