How to release the battery

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frasanzfrasanz 04/04/2018 at 11:250 Comments

Last monday we were talking on how to release the battery, to choose and discard all the concepts of design that we had been thinking about the system of extraction of the battery, we evaluate their pros and cons. And we determine that a cam that rotates by moving safety tabs, releasing  is the most optimal way.

Step 1: the arm in which the cam is at its extreme, expands towards the drone, this movement is parallel to the drone's landing zone.

Step 2: the cam reaches the back of the drone.

Step 3: the cam rotates and displaces the safety tabs.

Step 4: the arm shrinks to its shortest position by removing the  the battery (it's inside a case).

Step 5: the  arm descends to the cylinder plant, which is where the batteries are recharged. This cylinder consists of slots.

Step 6: In the same way that it get a battery from the drone, it deposits it in a cilynder empty slot.

Step 7: the cylinder rotates to the position of a new battery with energy (already charged)

step 8: the arm expands and extracts the battery, (as in step 2.3 etc.)

Step 9: the arm goes up  where the drone is waiting for the battery with fresh energy.

Step 10: the arm is expanded to introduce battery, which is attached to the cam.

Step 11: the cam rotates, causing  to fix the battery to the drone, giving it tied to the drone.

Step 12: the arm shrinks decoupling completely from the drone. That giving this with a charged battery.