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A small, low cost and low power Cortex-M0+ dev board

Alex HiamAlex Hiam 01/30/2016 at 15:580 Comments

So, here's my thoughts for the PC side software:

The idea is to make something cross-platform and easy to use - it would be possible for anyone to download a firmware binary, plug in the board and upload.

Another possibility would be to hack it into the Arduino IDE, which is something JeeLabs worked on a bit: - they ran into a problem with using the RTS & DTR signals to trigger the bootloader using an FTDI converter, but I think it should be doable with the CP2110 and some custom bootloader code? I don't know, I've never looked into adding new platforms to Arduino (and I'd rather not use Arduino anyways - ultimately I want this to be a platform for simple, very-low-power applications, and Arduino is far from ideal for that).

Now I just need to learn QT...