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A project log for Thinkpad Battery Power Bank

Turns batteries for Thinkpads into USB power banks

BenchoffBenchoff 02/06/2016 at 19:100 Comments

Clockwise from top, we have the battery connector for the six-cell X250 battery, the "TE Connectivity 2mm pitch Battery Plug assy. 7Pos. H=4.0" connector that fits perfectly in the battery, and the newest Lenovo charger port. These are the parts necessary to build a Thinkpad battery power bank.

Quick overview of what this thing does: it's a small board that clips (or velcros - haven't decided yet) onto a battery, and provides a charging port through the usual Lenovo charger. 2 USB charging ports are also provided, allowing any phone or device to fast charge from the Lenovo battery.

There are exactly two functions to this device: