As summer comes to a end

A project log for LED Christmas Pixels

using a raspberry pi to control lights over static network with Arduino Nano nodes

shane bourgeoisshane bourgeois 09/12/2016 at 13:260 Comments

As summer comes to a end here in Boston and i jump back in to this project. it looks like ill have 1150 pixels(maybe 1650 Im thinking about buying another 500) this year with 10 wired ‎Arduinos running you code with FFP and two networks ( one for lights and a wireless 198 for NPT/control)

I was able to house the each Arduino Nano, ENC28J60 and MEAN WELL LRS-50-5 Series 50W 5V in a 2 Gang ABS Switch Box. (I like the 5V because its cheap but i need to inject power every 50 leds i have made a boat load of 16/2 cables for this )

as this is my first year doing this im going to keep it simple with the light just clean all around window trim and general outline.

Im working on getting extra parts now. (that way there is no down time if any thing lets the magic smoke out)

i was planning on using vixen 3 but i still need to do research i'm not convinced its the quickest software.

one more fun thing i have on my list is i just got a Arduino Mega2560 MINI i was planning on putting it with 5v 30a power supply Im trying to think of a way to use it for multiple output streams to the WS2811. ( a diy E6804) then putting the unit in side of an Orbit 57095