Added 45deg connectors and linear slides

A project log for L Extrusion Endcaps

3D printed end caps that allow quick and easy construction of frames from easy to find and cheap aluminium L extrusion.

ScottScott 02/24/2016 at 10:240 Comments

I created a extra part for holing the L ch' bars in such a way that they are 45deg offset . that lets you use them as rails and all sorts .

I also worked out a example roller to make a carriage . Those are 4.7x10.1x4mm bearings .( exact measurements , as the package says 5x10x4mm )

i did a quick video on YouTube of them and the rollers working.

I will add the stl files and link to the public TinkerCad files soon as I clean them .

The TinkerCad files for the new parts.