Checkers algorithm

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Who said you can't play with computer without screen?

gregggregg 04/27/2014 at 23:150 Comments

We have developed computer's brain!

We know, the checkers are solved game (Link), but we tried to do out best in time we have.

We've designed alfa-beta pruning (Link) for checkers - it creates game tree of every position under actual.

Our board to value function (we have to know which situation is better than other, but it's really heuristic):

- the closer the pawn to the end the bigger the value,

- if the pawn is a kings is much more valuable,

- if the pawn is under beat it is less valuable,

Analogically for the computer pawns.

We can set searching depth from 5 to 8. The algorithm is so good that we have never beaten it.... The slave becomes better than master...