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JeremyJeremy 05/08/2020 at 20:122 Comments

First of all, I think it's worth mentioning that RaspiDrums, the predecessor of eXaDrums, was created exactly 5 years ago! To be fair, eXaDrums is a fork of RaspiDrums, and has been created in September 2015, with the intent to become a fully functional software drum module.

Five years later, eXaDrums is usable as a drum module, and can be entirely built at home, using eXaDrums-pcb, libexadrums, and eXaDrums. The PCB is available on OSHPark and the one I soldered has been working perfectly since September 2018. As for the software, Raspbian packages are available on the eXaDrums github repo. The software can be installed on Debian (unstable and testing) and Ubuntu since version 19.10.

Right now, eXaDrums is stable, but not feature complete. The next version (0.5.0) will look like this:

A new important feature, is the fullscreen button. For years, eXaDrums has started in fullscreen mode on Raspberry Pi, and in a sort of popup on desktop. Now, on all systems it will start as a windowed program, just like any other software, and there will be two ways to get trigger the fullscreen mode.

The first method is simply to click or tap on the "Fullscreen" button. The second option, is to start exadrums with the -f or --fullscreen option directly.

Other features include a trigger gain, which will help if your sensors are not sensitive enough, as well as resetting, importing or exporting your module configuration. That includes all your kits, presets, and sounds!

Bug fixes also ship with version 0.5.0, and the user experience is improved, especially when using SPI sensors (like MCP3008, etc.).

Of course, you always get very low latency, and great sound quality!


Lopashchenko Ivan wrote 08/04/2020 at 16:42 point

Hello! Is it possible to use your Gui app with midi drum controller such as Alesis Trigger IO? Is it velocity-sensitive?

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nigel-smk wrote 07/03/2020 at 04:17 point

Thank you for keeping this project active! I modified a guitar hero drum kit to produce a midi signal via arduino and then ran it through a midi-to-usb converter, and then plugged it into an iPad running GarageBand. To my surprise it worked, but of course there is noticeable lag. Now I am working towards this exaDrums setup! Your continued development gives me confidence that I will be able to get this working.

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