eXaDrums: A Drum Module You Can Make (3)

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Electronic drums for Linux

JeremyJeremy 12/06/2020 at 12:480 Comments

I attempted, to years ago, to make an enclosure for eXaDrums (eXaDrums: A Drum Module You Can Make (2)). Unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with the result, so I decided to take my time and learn how to model an enclosure properly. Good news is, the enclosure is now finished and is fully 3D printable. Here it is:

I think it looks good! (Yes, the screws are also 3D printed, and yes, you can use a standard screwdriver.)

I shall post the STL files on my Thingiverse page pretty soon.
To print this enclosure, you'll need some PLA and a 3D printer with a minimum bed size of 150x150mm. It takes about 9 hours to print the whole thing with my printer.

So now eXaDrums is a complete drum kit, and even the enclosure is open source!
Here are more pics: