First workshop w/ STM32F746

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Polyphonic, stack based synth & livecoding environment for STM32

toxitoxi 01/28/2016 at 20:550 Comments

The first workshop using the latest iteration of the synth happened last weekend (23-24 Jan 2016). Outcomes are a new lightweight GUI module (soon to be released as separate library) and it was also the first time combining the synth with the touchscreen setup of the STM32F7 disco board. It turned out that polling for touchevents is a pretty costly (in terms of CPU cycles) operation and forced the use of high-priority timers (every 2ms) to keep the DMA half-buffers filled with fresh audio data. I recorded a little live session of the last workshop example and uploaded here: With the synth now pretty solid, the near future will be focused on getting ready an usable implementation of the synth DSL...