Password manager use case

A project log for Keychain USB password manager

Tired of remembering passwords, and unable to install a traditional password manager? This may be the device for you.

Sam PSam P 02/01/2016 at 13:260 Comments

Below is a quick description of a typical use case of the password generator with limited information on what is happening internally. That will be the topic of another post.

Adding a new website login:

  1. Plug the password manager into usb slot for power (could be a usb battery bank).
  2. Select "add new login" from menu.
  3. Enter website name and username.
  4. Optionally change password length and encoding (e.g. to select alphanumeric only)
  5. Save the new login. The device will randomly generate and store a password for you.

Using a login:

  1. Plug the password manager into the usb slot of the device you want to enter the password for (e.g. laptop, phone etc)
  2. Navigate to the website where you wish to login and place your cursor in the username field.
  3. Select the appropriate login on the password manager.
  4. Enter your master password.
  5. Wait until the login password has been decrypted and typed out (the generator acts as a usb keyboard).
  6. Login.
  7. Keep the password generator plugged in if you don't want to type the master password again for a pre-determined time (e.g. 10 minutes). Unplug it when you are done.