Finished console

A project log for Earth Lander 84

Like the classic Lunar Lander video game but on Earth and with no graphics, only some 7-segment displays

matsengmatseng 02/03/2016 at 07:220 Comments

Attaching the displays to the console was not easy. My first plan was to just use a hot glue gun, but that turned out to be not so good since the "chrome" spray paint has a rather loose surface so the glue is just ripping off the top layer of the paint as soon as some force is applied to it. And the glue didn't stick particularly well to the plastic of the displays either.

So after hotsnotting them into place I used a liberal amount of silicon sealant all over the place. I hope that if I'm careful enough when handling the panel the displays will stay there.

This is what the front of the console looks like now: