Code uploaded, all LEDs wired up and ready

A project log for Classroom music teaching aid

An interactive device for helping a kindergarten class learn to play harmonica.

shlonkinshlonkin 05/29/2016 at 12:280 Comments

After many long hours with soldering iron and glue gun in hand I am finally done with the LEDs. The circuitry is complete for the main unit. This is a large milestone. Here are some pictures with the LEDs wired up before I attached the foil coated plastic covers. By the way, I tested them out with the covers on and I can't get over how perfect the illumination looks. Sorry if I keep bragging about that, but it's not so often that my ideas work out that well.

Code uploaded

The code for the Teensy and the ATmega LED/IR controller are up on the git.

It will no doubt change as the project develops, but at this point it seems functional.

What's next? - The next steps include