A project log for Notable Board Books

How alert and happy my mother (with Alzheimer's) became when she heard familiar songs! Lift the book, turn the page--the book does the rest.

Annelle RigsbyAnnelle Rigsby 08/13/2018 at 19:160 Comments

Now we start the process of combining the speaker, electronics and book. Here are the speaker, retainers and speaker enclosure.

The speaker is mounted using 3mm x 8mm screws.

Next, gather the tilt switch and backplate.

Fasten the tilt switch array to the backplate using a 3mm x 8mm screw.

The tilt switch array is now ready to combine with the speaker housing.

Screwed together, they look like this.

Gather the battery cover and speaker assembly.

Assembled, they look like this.

The "behind the book" housing is made from two pieces that are glued or melted together.

Now, the speaker assembly, electronics holder and book are coming together.

The speaker enclosure sits too high and prohibits easy access to the lower pages. The electronics housing will need to be raised to correct this.