Step 1 : Fresh install of Raspbian

A project log for Grob: a low cost ROS robot

This project is design to help to start with ROS (Robot Operating System) on a low cost platform.

david-galdeanoDavid Galdeano 02/29/2016 at 10:201 Comment

The creation of a new robot start by setting up the needed tools.

In this step we will install a fresh Raspbian OS (from windows OS).

If you already have a SD card with Raspbian, you can go to Step 2.

1 - Download Raspbian

Download Raspbian :

Click on the "Download ZIP" button of the Full desktop image.

Extract the image file from the archive.

2 - Format the SD card

Download SD Formatter 4.0 :

Install it.

Insert your SD card on the computer

In SD Formatter 4.0,

- select your SD card,

- in option, set FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT to ON,

- click format.

3 - Write the Raspbian OS on the SD card

Download Win32DiskImager :

Install it.

In Win32 Disk Imager

- select the Raspbian image file downloaded earlier,

- select the right device,

- click "Write" button and wait,

- eject the sd card.


TimB wrote 09/23/2020 at 12:23 point

FYI - you can get a Pi image with Kinetic preloaded on it from here:  

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