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A project log for Sonic Screwdriver

As you will probably know, this is the famous prop from Doctor Who, the television series from BBC. I just love this thing.

davedarkodavedarko 05/17/2014 at 16:291 Comment

Not happy with the warm-white LED and its brightness, I ordered some 40.000mcd LEDs along the BPW34 photodiode for gamma-ray detection, a shorter potentiometer and some extra long pin headers. I previously design the LED board with 123D circuits but want to train/force myself into eagle and use OSH Park directly (saving the fee comes in handy, too). My first board will be an attiny85 pcb for a charlieplexed 5 LED bargraph which I intend to control over IIC or soft-serial. I hope I will be able to solder those smd parts and not connect the via on Resistor 3 with both poles. 


davedarko wrote 05/17/2014 at 20:29 point
I'm estimating the pcb prices as following:
17,15 = 7 * 2,45 usd (7 .7 discs)
8,75 (baseplate)
5,00 (upperplate)

~31usd for 3batches.

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